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Introducing the VW Hoxton Camper. Building upon the lifestyle, the freedom, the feeling of the original VW classic campervan..... 

vw camper lifestyle

vw camper vw camper fun vw camper freedom

And creating a hand-built, truly modern classic for the 21st century...

Engine and Bodywork Complete and total overhaul and restoration. Strengthened chassis and full anti-rust treatments.
Paintwork Your choice of colour, metallics and pearlescents painted to highest standards by our specialists.
Interior Your choice of modern fabrics by leading designers, fitted by top class upholsterers to a layout option decided by you.
Technology A number of technology pack options comprising : rearview CCTV, DVD, media servers for films and music, Flat TV screens, GPS navigation and satellite tracking, auto closing - opening doors, auto fold side sills.
Personalise Left-hand drive conversions, maharaja awning tents, designer fittings and accessories.

Email Us for a brochure or Call me! on Skype! to discuss your built to order Hoxton Camper.

We can export to mainland Europe, North America and Asia.